Sunday, 15 August 2010

What's yours is mine, and what's mine...

Let's talk about loot for a bit, for a lot of people it's the main goal of the game. For others, it's a means to achieve their own goals. Be it gearing up a fresh new character, or running heroic ICC 25 for the umpteenth time, everyone is after something. So, knowing this, what do you do when the person sat right next to you is also after the same thing, and what do you do when there is a conflict of interests?

As I stated before, it's in your best interests if you're playing with someone else to try and avoid each other's class/armor type/token. The reason for this? Well, let me digress for a moment and talk about a situation we've all gone through while playing WoW at some point. You've just entered a 5-man with the that little hunter you're so proud of. You look through the party and think to yourself, "oh good, no other hunters... wait that shammy, what spec is he? Oh great, he's enhancement." And wouldn't you know it, every little piece of physical mail you could ever dream of has dropped. You're almost flooded with the damn stuff. Yet you've lost every single roll. You start to feel hard done by, as if the very powers that turn the world are against you. It's not the shammie's fault, you just fell victim to the cruel random number generator.

Now, even though it wasn't his fault, you probably come out of the whole ordeal feeling rather miffed. BUT WAIT, that person is not just some random person hidden away on the other side of the continent, but instead that person is sat right next to you. The very same person you swore to devote your life to, and to love until the end of time. (Oh, as a warning, I'd expect future posts to contain a similar level of “Fluffy cutesy-ness” when I'm talking about Mouse. I'm sorry, I just can't help it!). This is why it's best to avoid these situations if at all possible. But there are a few occasions when they just can't be avoided, and for these times, there needs to be a plan set in place.

The main offender of these occasions, would be when purely cosmetic items drop. That's right, I'm looking at you Mr. [Swift White Hawkstrider]. Oh that silly white chicken, we've seen friends become enemies over that Chocobo. Actually, it's an incident I'll cover in my next post, as it does raise a few points I'd like to tackle in depth.

Anyway, what do you do? Well, in this household, there is a general rule. “If the missus isn't happy, then no one is happy!” I'm to pass on all mounts/tabards/odd trinkets that drop, unless she really doesn't want it. This rule was quickly put into place after I won a scarlet tabbard on our first characters together. I equipped it quickly with pride, eager to show it off in Undercity like some sort of happy loon. It was only then that I looked over to my right to see a unhappy pouting face sat next to me. Somehow, I had crossed a line that I never even knew existed up until that point, but boy, did I ever regret crossing it. For a period that felt like days, I was blacklisted. I was pushed away whenever I went for a hug, and let's just say, the bed became a cold affair.

Look, basically, this is a quick message to all the guys playing and reading this, it's not stupid to just pass on stuff because your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife would like the item more. It's called aggro management. Imagine that life has an omen meter, and by rolling on the [Ashes of Al'ar] and then winning it, you have just taunted and misdirected all that wife aggro onto yourself, and let's just say, your feign death will ALWAYS be resisted at that point. It's just not worth it, don't do it!

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