Monday, 23 August 2010

Setting out on a new journey.

It's electric!

Recently, Mouse and I migrated servers. A grand return of sorts to the Horde (I'm sorry thrall and co, we were disillusioned, we're back for good, I promise!). But instead of forking out a load of money to transfer our old chars across, we decided that we'd just start over a fresh. Right bang at level one, with no contacts on the server, no friends to leech money off for a few extra gold, and not an heirloom in sight.

For Mouse, this was a huge liberation. Now, I'm going to say it, because she's far too modest to say it herself. Back on Moonglade, she's one hell of a healer. That's not just me saying it as some sort of devoted fianceé, I really do believe it. But with that, came some sort of curse that she just couldn't escape. You see, for the past couple of years, Mouse has had a secret passion. She's really wanted to play as a feral kitty. To the point where she's now had two level 80 druids, that we never really able to take off. The main reason is, why would the guild take the inexperienced kitty, over the expertly played priest? So, with the cataclysm on the horizon, it's a chance to change mains.

Mouse: Well, you missed a part there hun, I rolled one on a PTR one day, just to try it out. I grabbed a quick kitty guide, sat down with it for a couple of hours, and then we did a VoA run together. You were playing your Ret pally, trying out your new changes, and who wiped the floor with you on the DPS charts? Hmm?

-Grumbles- Yes, yes...

So, we rolled our characters together. She picked her female tauren druid, and as for me, well...

I wanted a change, for the past three years, I've been playing mainly a paladin. In TBC, I was protection (and not a very good prot pally at that). It was a challenge to play as one, mainly due to the awful gear itemisation that we suffered back in those days, but I stuck with it. The day patch 3.0 hit though, I changed into retribution, and just stuck with it. I loved it, my little blood elf who used to dance as she tanked, was now a swirling ball of light and awesome. It was just so much fun to play, even if we were a little over powered to begin with. But I've now come to the point, where I just play that character in an almost mindless state while I raid. I know exactly what's coming, I know what to do, and how to cope with most situations. My ball of light and awesome, was becoming stagnant and dry. I tried playing as ranged classes, but for some reason, I just didn't like being at the back. I wanted to be in the heat of the action. So decided to go with the class that would be fairly familiar to me, but still bring a breath of fresh air for me. I am now an Enhancement Shaman.

As for the race, well reluctantly, I rolled a female tauren as well. Under the commands of Mouse...

So there I was, with my level 1 female moo-cow. I was severely unimpressed, I felt like I was slightly too stocky, but not in the right way. It just didn't sit right with me. Then at some point along the way, I picked up a pair of shoulders, stuck them on, panned the camera around and thought. “Man, I look fricken awesome.” Then as the levels rolled by, I started to fall in love with my little moo-cow. She wasn't dainty or precious like my other characters had been, she was full on fierce. She walked into town, and just demanded the respect off the quest givers. I'm now at the point, where I don't think I could play any other race any more. Which has ruined my plans for a goblin rogue in Cata. (Actually, I've been put off rogues completely due to leveling with a lot of BG's spliced in.)


And thus, we set out on the long road to 80 together.

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