Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Marlowe returns tomorrow!

Oh Marlowe, Sir Marsy-pan, how I've missed you. Yes, we're one of THOSE couples, the type that names their electronics and gadgets after things. Our iPod is called Ceol, our authenticator is “Neko-mini kodo” (Why? I haven't a clue!) and our laptop? Well, that's named after the greatest little rattie that ever did live, Marlowe (That ginger beast above <3 ).

Unfortunately, Marlowe's daddy is a bit of a clumsy oaf, and managed to knock him off a table while turning around. The damage was pretty severe, one broken screen and, what could only be described as, a very bad noise when the laptop was tilted at any angle.

Let's just say the wife aggro shot through the roof, and I was forced to dig out my 7 year old beast of a laptop. We're talking about an absolute behemoth of a machine. Big, clunky, hefty and slow... kinda like me. This THING, well, the time from clicking open chrome to it actually running, takes about 2 minutes. The keyboard is missing 3 pretty important keys, “Tab”, “F”, and F5. I have no idea what this says about me. Something about switching windows and and refreshing a lot. Actually, that Tab key wasn't my fault. We had the ratties cage open (their cage is right next to our PC desks, you see.) And our little princess “Bea” decided to come over and inspect what I was doing on the internet. So came over and popped her bum on my keyboard and watched me for a bit. The next thing I notice, was her bolting back to her cage with this large grey rectangle in her mouth. I never saw that tab key again, I have no idea what she did with it to this day.

Anyway, Marlowe returns back to us again tomorrow. It'll be nice to be able to open up WoW, and then not have to go make a cup of tea for the pair of us while I wait for it to load. It'll also be nice to be able to alt-tab in and out once again. And addons... OH BOY! ADDONS! I can run them again. ;_;. I forget how handicapped I am without things like power auras, even in just plain leveling. No wonder blizzard is making it part of the default UI. Talking about that, have you seen those graphics that they're using for it? Tres sexy!

Look at it! As awesome as you want it! Looks like I will be uninstalling Power auras classic when cata rolls out then. But yes, I'm digressing. Welcome home Marlowe, you and your HDMI out port have been sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

I think the new Power Aura fuction is a step up from the original, graphically speaking at least. It'll be good to get in there and see if it's going to work the same way and offer up the customization that the original does.

Mia said...

I think the new Power Auras look awesome!